Florida SEO Company: New to SEO? Some Terms to Know-Part 1

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The fact is that if you are looking for a Florida SEO Company, you will come across thousands to choose from all across the State. And like most other disciplines it is a field that will come with its own vocabulary and jargon.
So here are some of the terms that you would need to know about search engine optimization:
SERP — This stands for Search Engine Results Page. It is the results you see when you search for a particular keyword on the search engines. The goal of your SEO efforts should be to get higher in the SERPs. If you are looking to get higher on search results in your line of business in Florida, a SEO company can explain to you how they will help you do this.
Backlink — This refers to an important SEO concept, and that is getting other sites to link back to you. A Florida SEO Company will show you how they intend to achieve this. Typically this will only happen if you create value on your site, either by your content, and or by the manner in which you do your online marketing.
PPC — This stands for Pay-Per-Click. In this online marketing method, you purchase several clicks from search engines, and you pay every time someone clicks on your adverts on the search engines. An example of this is AdWords. To get it right, you need to bid on the right keywords, and this will require thorough research based on visitor trends. So your Florida SEO Company will need to have done thorough research on visitors in Florida, so as to give you a higher chance of succeeding with your PPC campaign.
Remember this should go hand in hand with organic SEO services, where you ‘don’t pay’ for clicks, for even better results.
Authority — As a secondary objective to your SEO, should be your determination to be an authority in your field. Authority in SEO measures the relevance and credibility of your website. It should be your goal to get visitors to stay longer on your website. You can do this by creating quality content. Such content will enable you get more backlinks and traffic, which are factors in determining the authority of your website.
CTR — This stands for the Click through Rate. This refers to the percentage of those who see your website link and click on it, and those who see but who don’t click on the links. To get a good CTR, the Florida SEO Company will need to be able to monitor how well the keywords they choose for you are doing, and also understand what your key audience is looking for. This is what will enable them get keywords that will add to your CTR.
Blogging—this is writing posts/articles and publishing them on an informational website on a regular basis.. If you have unique insights about your business, or other things related to your business that readers may be interested in reading, then a blog is something that a Florida SEO Company will encourage you to have. Blogs are useful since each entry is considered to be a new page, and hence gives you more exposure online.
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