SEO Tips – Debunking The Top 3 SEO Myths

Debunking The Top 3 SEO Myths
AKA — How We Rank For High Volume Keywords In Competitive Niches

“Traditional SEO basics”
On Page SEO
The right keywords in the right places
Keyword research, keyword density, meta tags…
Off Page SEO
Linking from other websites to your content
Keywords in anchor text — ie learn more about your keywords today.

Myth #1 — Don’t Have Too Many Internal Links On Your Site
Internal links? Do whatever you want!
Look at wikipedia or yahoo
Internal linking to other internal pages for the convenience of your reader is a GOOD THING.
Reference other relevant content on your site.
Keep people on your site and engaged!
Pass “link juice” to other pages in yoursite!

Myth #2 — Duplicate Content
“Google penalizes sites with duplicate content.” Well, define “duplicate content!”
You don’t want the same content on your site more than once…
But if you’re curating content from other websites, you’re good!

Myth #3 — Get Backlinks From Relevant Websites In Your Niche
While it may be “nice” to get links from highly relevant sites in your industry, it’s still more important to have MORE backlinks than your competitors in general… regardless of the sites linking back to you.
CASE STUDY: we used backlinks on random sites in other languages and still ranked a website that was in English.
Different topic
Different language.
Still ranked on page 1. lol 😉

Why We Rank
We can create more content than anyone else. And FASTER than anyone else.
We create websites with thousands of pages of UNIQUE content on a daily basis both for clients and for our own projects.
We can generate more backlinks from a greater variety of sources than anyone else.
We can create upwards of 3 million backlinks per day (although we’d NEVER do that for one project!)

Things To Consider
Getting Ranked & Getting Clicks
We have 8 servers for backlinking alone, not to mention hundreds of websites in our own network.
Our overhead is over $3,000/mo making it very difficult for anyone to compete with the SEO system we’ve setup.
Even if you get ranked, do you know the meta title and meta description tricks we use to get clicks? (Many times we can rank #3 and still get more clicks than #1 or #2!)
Landing Page & Content
Best format/layout that will generate leads.
What’s the right amount of content? What should the keyword density be?
Tracking, Analytics, and Plugins
The difference between an offer that loses more, breaks even, and makes a lot of money could be only a few “tweaks” away and you might not even know it!
What WordPress plugins do we use to keep people on our site, increase click-throughs to our offers, increase optin rates, and boost sales revenue?

Where To Go & What To Do Next…
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