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Table of Contents

Module 1: The Initiation (68 mins)
Module 2: CPA Network Acceptance & Super Affiliate Habits (62 mins)
Module 3: Bidding Strategies & Mind Control 101 (157 mins)
Module 4: The Social Network (166 mins)
Module 5: PPV Sniper Targeting (116 mins)
Module 6: Media Buying Blitz (94 mins)
Module 7: Traffic Networks, The World Outside The Box (100 mins)
Module 8: Tracking (64 mins)
Module 9: Where to From Here? (47 mins)

Case Studies in The “X” Edition

My favorite part of Traffic Blackbook are the 3 bonus case studies in the “X” edition where Chad shows 3 recent campaigns of his that worked. What’s cool is he shows 3 completely different “types” of campaigns on different traffic sources.

Case Study #1: Monetizing Celebrity Traffic on Google Search — this one was a real eye-opener for me because I never understood how exactly to get celebrity traffic to work. On this campaign, Chad spent $323 on Adwords, and did $2,330 in revenue on a Clickbank offer.
Case Study #2: Small Direct-to-Site Buy — on this case study, Chad shows how he negotiated and banner buy and actually got it to profitabilty. He shows you his split tests and his results — one of the best case studies I’ve ever seen.
Case Study #3: Facebook Campaign — in this case study, Chad shows a Facebook campaign that got up to $775/day.

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