How To Reward Your Website Visitors To Increase Website Traffic

SmartMReward WordPress plugin helps you get more customers and make them come back for more at

Every business owner creates his site with a few particular purpose planned.
It might be selling goods, promoting services or maybe blogging and exposing
personal thoughts to public. Regardless of the company’s type an online site should have a regular audience – this will be the heart with the site, because no visitors – no popularity, no popularity – no more reasons to support such site. Unfortunately, that could be a big deal to earn visitors loyalty and thus have regular traffic.
The average life of a Web site is only 44 to 75 days. So, to give an online site long life we need to give to our first-time visitors some excellent reason(s) to send back.

From now, this might be easily and quickly achieved by utilizing SmartMReward WordPress plugin. Many people believe that they should not learn new approaches anymore given that they have already tried 1 or 2 tricks. If you’re one of them and also you don’t want to know a brand new unique technique of traffic boosting then this post may be not to suit your needs. But if you want to learn how to increase your sales
by applying 3 simple measures then you should look at this article out.

So, the idea is very simple. Many popular online games are using rewards to grab users attention by introducing daily activity bonuses. Thus, they create sure players will chat every day. If you happen to be not a gamer then consider your favorite supermarket having no bonuses, no discounts and no gifts – and you also will feel very soon that you’ve much less why you should go there usually as you did it before. The conclusion is apparent – we also need to use digital rewards that could be displayed on or downloaded from the web site to grab visitors attention. Before SmartMReward an expert required some efforts for each particular gift. From now we are able to make only 3 simple steps to create amazing autorewarding system online.

Step 1 – Install the Plugin
Before proceeding we must have a WordPress site installed and running, and SmartMReward plugin purchased and activated After activation the plugin shows up a list of default banners pre-configured for all of us. We will use one of these as a base for your auto rewards.

Step 2 – Easily Configure the Banner- Clicking on edit link opens editor where we could see a set of frames for a banner and settings pane. Now we have to choose how much rewards to use by adding or removing frames ( by count of rewards available ). Each frame has active and inactive state pictures, active frame link, headlines and descriptions for each and every state. All these items are optional and can be omitted, in the event you, by way of example, don’t require a frame to have a very link when activated – as your gift is a promo code -and also you will specify it in description for active frame state, or will draw your bonus on active image. So this is some kind of universality and freedom in choosing in the gift kind.

I wish to use default preset for downloads, so will just remove 2 tailing frames. By clicking on each frame I will change links to my download files #1,#2,#3
( also by clicking on bottom Url tab ).

I will tick 1 day interval ( daily bonus ) and judge Reset on Miss on ( visitor looses his progress after missing a call inside the journey ). I will leave default fonts, colors and dimentions in the meantime.

That’s it! As you can see, it will require me will no longer then 5 minutes to arrange a simple but fully functional banner – no longer then adding a whole new phone number to your address book, (that’s a real advantage of SmartMReward plugin over complex and heavy time-consuming ad systems).

Thus the banner is configured and that we are now willing to move to step # 3.

Step 3 – Paste Embed Code
On edit banner page I can grab embed code under “Embed” settings section and paste it into desired page. Plugin allows me to select shortcode, theme or html embed mode. All 3 modes work smoothly even for different domains. So I make shortcode embed and paste it in to the post where I want my banner to reside in. Or, if I demand it to be on all pages, I paste a theme embed into my blog header or footer.

That was simple, wasn’t it? I have configured auto rewards for this site in 5 minutes –
the system will automatically remember my visitors and definitely will give them serious reasons to visit my blog the next time. If you have not tried this method, do it now and you also will see its benefits in face of regular site visitors soon.

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